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Create your own professional-quality e-book today, at a cost of 2-3 minutes!

For that choose exactly WebExe:

* Ease of Use

* Robust password protection

* Placing your own logo to the navigation bar

* Disable / Enable copying text to the clipboard

* Disable / Enable transition of external links

* Disable / Enable to the printer

* Ability to set the life of the book (creation TRIAL)

* ... Many other useful features

Preobretu WebExe v1.5 You will receive:

* Personal e-publishing - a great high-yield E-Business!

* Excellent tool for creating instructions, manuals and other technical documentation.

* Great way to create a home photo album (with music).

* Convenient tool for creating electronic presentations.

... And the result will fulfill all your expectations! Enjoy your work !!!

ext. Info: View a sample e-book created with WebExe here:


File Size: ~ 1.6 Mb

Languages: English, German, Russian (optional)
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