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A specially created (personally by me!) new, clean ACCOUNT with a subscription to IVI.ru (the subscription expiration of the accounts currently sold here, see the announcement HEADING! In the screenshot, the date and month are replaced with XX for universality) , after the purchase you INSTANTLY🔥 get access details (login and password) of a specially created high-quality and clean account. </ delivery>
After payment, no additional actions are required and you can immediately start using the received account with a subscription (after entering the account, if you wish, you can immediately change the password to the one you need).⭐Accounts are clean, the subscription is received in the official way with observance of all conditions for activation.⭐

I also want to note that in accounts ALREADY a bank card is attached (and card binding is a necessary condition for activating almost any codes) and therefore you will not need to bind your personal card and worry, no matter how much money is written off from it (for example when the subscription ends or something else).attention🔵🔵🔵 The account is guaranteed to work for 🔥All countries🔥 throughout the world❗/attention</ attention>
🔴🔴🔴 I thoroughly test all products and are responsible for the quality! (and I also very quickly track any changes that occur ... as an example, the recent deterioration / complication of the activation of many codes for IVI) So, if all of a sudden (!) there are any problems that I have I still can not decide, you will receive an equivalent replacement of the goods, and in case of impossibility of replacement, of course, a refund.
If you have any questions or technical difficulties - always consult and help solve any problems that arise! Although in the case of the purchase of ready-made ACCOUNTS, and not codes (where there are a lot of difficulties and nuances that must be taken into account for successful activation), there should in principle be no problems, because everything is ready and nothing needs to be done ...
After payment, it is enough to enter the received login-password on the site ivi.ru (and on all other devices you plan to watch IVI on) and you can enjoy viewing with a subscription.attentionI also recommend to pay attention to other MY products that you may be even more interested in (for example, other, slightly more expensive IVI Accounts with even more months of subscription or vice versa even cheaper accounts with fewer months subscriptions ... and also among my ads there will be very, very cheap IVI certificates for self-activation on new accounts). All my current active ads (products available for purchase at the moment) can be found in my profile:
🔴🔴🔴 https://www.plati.market/seller/bars/812724

P.S. Most please do not forget to leave a positive feedback (enough to spend only 10-15 seconds to write a short review). Thank you in advance for your FEEDBACK! ❤️ </ attention> </ delivery>
18.02.2021 21:23:07
Все замечательно работает. Как и всегда.
09.02.2021 17:10:23
08.02.2021 19:12:25
Ура я купил ИВИ аккаунт себе!!!
25.01.2021 19:24:58
Продавец надёжный, рекомендую)) буду забегать)
31.12.2020 7:31:35
всё ок
25.12.2020 15:09:14
Все отлично, как всегда. Очень жаль, что нет в этот раз подписки на год, два месяца ждала её появления у продавца. Продолжаю надеяться!
16.11.2020 18:23:55
Не первый раз покупаю у данного продавца, все отлично работает.
05.11.2020 13:33:25
Хорошо работало
20.10.2020 20:03:27
Быстро всё пришло. Пользуюсь.
Как всегда у этого продавца, все отлично, покупаю не первый год.
16.10.2020 20:49:41
Всем привет! Пользуюсь услугами данного продавца уже не первый год! Как всегда все быстро и со 100 % гарантией работоспособности. Рекомендую!
16.10.2020 9:46:42
Все отлично! Работает, как всегда.
14.10.2020 15:35:20
03.10.2020 16:00:10
Все работает отлично!!
30.09.2020 18:23:50
Все работает
30.09.2020 15:13:27
Ребята, спасибо ! За сущие копейки покупаю уже не первый раз❤️ И не последний точно)

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