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Orange (Armenia) (500 drams)

Orange Armenia AMD 500 instant replenishment

Your purchase will be equivalent to the acquisition of pre-paid card mobile operator "Orange Armenia".

After payment you will receive a serial number

The map is intended to pay for all tariff plans

*** Activation Card ***

1) From your mobile phone, dial:

• Recharge your phone number: * 144 * [secret code] #

You can also activate payment card, call toll free 555.

• Recharge the other party's "Orange Armenia": * 144 * [secret code] * phone number #

or call 555

2) Wait for a message that your card is activated.
Dear customers, please leave feedback after the purchase.

Take for us minutes of your time, we spend a lot more for you.

Thank you in advance.

You can leave a response at the time of receipt of goods or after your purchase at http://www.oplata.info, at this address are stored securely, all of your items purchased by advanced technology Digiseller.ru, will always be able to access them in the future, after the purchase.
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Orangearmenia (AMD 500) -Buy a prepaid card
Купить Orangearmenia (AMD 500) -Buy a prepaid card в Украине