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The program is to run multiple terminals Metatrader on a single computer under the different users.

The program keeps track of running the terminals, if any terminal is completed, it starts again.

Also, the program acts as a proxy and email-allows you to receive a letter from the Metatrader standard protocol SMTP, without authentication - SendMail function of MQL4. Received from the Metatrader message it can then be displayed as a Desktop-Reminder (display flashing text - message header + beep + activation / maximizing the window corresponding Metatrader), or redirected to the mailbox through account on GMail.

Added mail messages in GTalk.

The seller is the author of the program.

To run the program requires a virtual machine Java Runtime Environment 5 or 6 version.

After purchasing the software, I will send a copy tied to a specific e-mail (which you call), using which it can be activated any number of times and enjoy forever. Trial version allows you to get 7 reminders in a single run.

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MetatraderLauncher, the launch of MT, email-proxy notification
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